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Most of you know by now that I am all about color.

Color here color there color everywhere!

Those people who only wear or accessorize in black or white ya, I am the opposite of those people.  I have tried telling myself over and over ‘Kate you might want to tone it down a notch’ but honestly I am just attracted to bright colors so I decided I shouldn’t change what makes my heart twinkle inside (I lol’ed typing that line).

It is much easier for me to add color into my wardrobe than my makeup because, I mean, its not like I could just go around wearing green blush and that would be acceptable.  People might think I am a little more wacko than I already am if I did that. BUT if you choose to do that by all means hunny! You do you!

So! The easiest way for me to add a little pop of color into my makeup is obviously the eyes! I by no means do this on a daily basis but for special occasions or nights out I will once in a while add some crazy colors onto my eyes just for a little something different. The Anastasia of Beverly Hills Artist Palette is the perfect way to do this. I love this palette because you still have your everyday neutral shades but also a few different crazy colors for those fun occasions.



My favorite ways of using this palette:

1) 1 & 2 are both matte shades so I love using these in the crease of my eyes. 2 is a darker matte so this color looks great in the outer corner V of your eyes for a more smoky look. 

2) When I want a pop of color I will use 4 or 8 and smudge it underneath my lower lash line. Purple tones are amazing for making green or teal eyes pop!

3) 12 is a great all over natural lid color for every day type of use.

4) YESS! A palette that has a matte black shade is a winner in my book. Use the matte black shade (7) in the outer corner V to intensify any type of look or make it more smokey. Perfect for nights out.

5) Use any of the bright colors as all over lid colors for fun and different looks. If you aren’t a very experimental person with eye colors using any of the bright colors underneath the lash line is a great way to incorporate some color in your look without it being to dramatic!

Makeup is supposed to be fun! Play around with different colors and experiment with your look!


This palette is a perfect mix of neutrals and unique bright colors. If you are just starting out with makeup this probably shouldn’t be one of your first purchases but if you are experienced and are looking for fun new colors to add to your collection I highly recommend.

All the colors are super long wearing, go on smooth, and are very blendable! I have seen better pigmentation from other brands but that could be a good thing for some of these colors. Don’t let them intimidate you because they definitely go on softer compared to how they look in the pan.

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Here are swatches as they appear in the palette: 

IMG_5058 IMG_5059 IMG_5060


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