Ahhhhh wing liner!! What girl doesn't have a love/hate relationship with wing liner! As damn frustrating as it is to achieve it just screams SEXY once you have the technique down! If I am wearing eye liner you can bet your ass there going to be that dang little wing attached to it. When I think of wing liner I think of Jessie James Decker and … [Read more...]

A Mini Review: 2 Products To False Looking Lashes


So once upon a time I discovered this mascara by Benefit called 'They're Real'. We were in in a long term committed relationship. He treated me amazing, I never went a day without him, and basically I thought he was the bees knees. The only negative about our relationship was that he was just a tad bit expensive ($23) a tube. EEEEEEK! So I … [Read more...]

DIY ‘Frank’ Coffee Scrub


Apparently this is the week of DIYs in my household and I'm not even mad about it. I am all about the 'saving money on random things that I can just make myself' kinda life. #sorrynotsorry So. lately this body scrub called 'Frank' has been blowing up my insta feed by various beauty gurus I follow. I was instantly intrigued so I looked up the … [Read more...]

Fall Lippies


Ahhhh Fall. I seriously love everything about Fall except two things- 1) Winter comes after Fall and 2) those shit-hole Pumpkin Spice lattes (rant about those at a later date). I feel like Fall is a perfect time of year where you can bring out your inner badass self by trying out new things that you maybe normally wouldn't.  I wasn't always … [Read more...]

Crave OR Save: Nude Palette Edition

nude palette

Cant Stop Wont Stop buying Nude, bronzy, brown shimmery eye shadows. AND when they come in palettes its like a win win. I bought the Naked 1 palette by Urban Decay LITERALLY the day it hit shelves. I was one of those psychos who had an email sent to them the day it came out because, well, I basically thought it was the next best thing since … [Read more...]

Pore-Reducing Products That Will Rock Your World


Who hates pores! And if you say no that probably means you weren't blessed with oily skin like myself. So booo you then.  I finally have found some great products that actually work in eliminating those 'dark holes on our faces that when we look in a magnifying mirror scares the living bageezsus out of you' Unfortunately you cannot totally get … [Read more...]