If any of you guys are like me then you still have a ton of Christmas shopping to do.

I tell myself every year I am going to get better about getting it done earlier

but I am such a fricken scatter brain and so indecisive that I end up getting all my gifts the day before Christmas and give myself an anxiety attack in the process.

(I know I need to get my shit together)

So if any of you are still in need of getting your man a gift, I have devised a well rounded gift guide

for you.

There should be something on the list for just about any guy out there!

My BF def. told me he wouldn’t be disappointed if he was getting some of these things

and ya know, I think some of these things are pretty fricken cool myself.

(–>I would def. use that breakfast sandwich maker)


1) Homemade Gin Kit

–> For all the crafty, and kitchen friendly men out there.

2) Black Fossil Watch

–> I mean what guy doesn’t look good in a sleek watch. I am loving this all black one.

3) Breakfast Sandwich Maker

–> UM, I might just get this one for myself.

4) Minnetonka Slippers

–> Bc who doesn’t love some comfy slippers.

5) Customized Travel Mug

–> For all the guys who drink coffee/tea this is the way to go.

6) Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani Cologne

–> THE BEST cologne out there, for reals.

7) Plaid Shirt

–> Bc every guy looks good in plaid. Yum.

8) Decanters

–> A fun way to store your liquor and they look chic as hell sitting on a bar cart might I add.

9) Jawbone Portable Speaker

–> A good way for your guy to listen to his jams anywhere he wants!

10) Golf Ball Finder Glasses

–> Glasses that help find your missing golf ball!? I mean MIND BLOWN.

Do you guys have any amazing gift ideas for guys!?

Do share, do share!!



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