Yes! Healthy hot chocolate is a thing!

This recipe is way better for you than normal ol’ sicko packaged hot chocolate!

This is the perfect little drink to make when you are cozying by the fire with your boy/hubby in warm fuzzy pjs, gazing into each others eyes,

cuddling with the biggest fur blanket ever.

(or sitting on the couch watching reruns of OTH <– what I did)

((Also kinda sorta added some Baileys in this as well bc why the hell not?))

And let me tell you this stuff is a fricken treat you guys.

I literally thought I was drinking something that def. should not be considered healthy.

If you aren’t a sweets/choco kinda chick than this might not be for you.

It is also super duper filling so beware!

Just add a sexy little straw and you’ve got yourself a party in a cup!


Directions: In a sauce pan combine all ingredients together and stir until everything looks creamy.

(could also microwave, up to you)


Side note: What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

Cacao is the purest form that chocolate can come in which means it is unprocessed aka no chemical shit added.

(I add this to my smoothies & other choco flavored goods)


The cacao powder I use is here & you can most likely find it at any major grocery store in the organic section.




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