Holiday Makeup (Gold Edition)

I have had so much fun playing with looks for the holidays lately!

This is my first one of three that I have planned to post in depth details on.

I also will be posting random makeup looks with the products listed that I used on

my Instagram (Katesedlacek).

This first one is a bronzy glitter look that is my personal fav (at least so far).

Step 1:

Prime eyes with your fav primer (mine is Lorac behind the scenes eye primer)

Step 2:

Use any light brown matte shadow you have with a big blending brush (the Sigma E40 blending brush is my personal fav for this step)

and blend that color all of the lid.

And when I say blend, take your time doing this.

Really blend all the hard lines out.

No one looks good when their eye shadow is packed on and each of the colors have a distinct line.

Step 3:

Take any black shadow and blend this into the very outer corner of your eye lid, also bringing some up towards your very 

outer crease (making almost a blending out triangle).

Step 4:

Blend that same black color underneath your lash line taking it just to the center of your eyeball.

(I personally love blending colors underneath the lash line, I think it gives your eye makeup a lot more depth).

(Steps 1-4 pictured below)


Step 5: 

Now here comes the fun part.

For the all over lid colors I used Stila Magnifident Metals Eye Shadow in ‘Comex Gold’.

Holy crap these things are amazing.

They literally look like foil on your eyes.

I only have the one color but I think I want need them all.

It comes with a stay all day primer and I highly advise you use this when using these shadows.

(it will look choppy if you do not)

Put a few drops of the primer in the tin that it comes with as well as just a tiny bit of the shadow

and mix together with a flat eye shadow brush.

(A little goes a long way with the shadow so start small so you do not waste it)


Sweep the shadow all over the lid until you hit the black color you applied in the outer triangle.

(You can always deepen up the black color at the end if desired)


Step 6: 

Use any darker brown matte color in the crease.

blend this color into you crease using a more defined blending brush.

(I love this one from Sephora)

After you have placed that color go back in with you big blending brush and blend the shit out of that crease.

Again, blend, blend & blend some more.

No one ones harsh lines with their eye shadow.

Also, with the darker brown matte shadow I like to put some on the lower lash line right after the black color we already placed

(for more dimension, duh)

But don’t drag it all the way to the very corner.

Step 7:

Use your favorite light shimmer inner corner shadow right outside of your tear ducts to really brighten up your entire eye.

Place the same color right below your eyebrow for extra highlight.

I think this is SO important with any eye shadow looks.

It just makes you look so much more awake and vibrant.

(My fav eye shadow for this step is ‘Nylon’ by Mac)

But any bright, vanilla, whitish, shimmer will do.

(Steps 6 & 7 pictured below)


Let me know if you have any requested holiday looks you want me to do!

Final Look:


Lips: Nars Audacious Lipstick in ‘Anna’



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