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I had the pleasure of working on a collaboration with the newest, coolest, most modern bridal boutique in the Midwest area! The dresses at Marie and Marie Bridal range from sophisticated and elegant to sassy and chic. They literally have a dream dress for anyone! The experience was definitely everything and more and they made it so fun and comfortable for me. The girls knew my style just by talking to me for a few minutes and instantly had a variety of dresses for me to try on. My first impression of seeing the boutique was that all the dresses would be super lavish and expensive. That is just not the case. They really have wide variety of price ranges that should fit a ton of budgets.  If you live in and around the Sioux Falls area (even if you don’t) this is the ultimate bridal experience for anyone and I cannot wait to go back some day! I have no doubt in my mind that whoever gets a dress from Marie and Marie Bridal will look like an absolute bombshell!

This post is sponsored by Marie & Marie Bridal

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