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Images: Lauren Listor

OOOH New York..

Oh how I love you so much but dislike you so much..

You basically stress me the f*ck out but make me feel so alive at the same time.

A few weeks ago my love and best photog in the biz (Michell Strizhius) flew to New York for fashion week. Basically when we travel we like to fit as much as possible in the short amount of time that we are there because I mean why would you do it any other way (you should see our lists of things we want to accomplish while we are there — just warning anyone who wants to travel with us haha #psychos). New York is already a complete cluster f*ck and with it being fashion week at the same time you can only picture us flying around the city from place to place, barely breathing, scarfing down our food, flying back to the hotel to change and also figuring out transportation at the same time (haha, still don’t fully understand the subway but we will get there).

Basically what I am saying is it was a complete shit show. Was I prepared for what I was getting myself into? Absolutely not x 10 hence a few breakdowns but will I be going again? Absolutely. 

I also knew going into it that I shouldn’t set super high exceptions because of the craziness of the city and the entire fw event. Also, considering I am a fairly new in the biz and in the end I am so glad I did it this way. Having this mind set basically made it a complete learning experience and in the best and most positive way possible. Going off that I want to share my tips that I wish someone had flat out told me — pounded into my head — before my first fashion week experience. Here ya go! (some might be obvious but I like to learn the hard way okkk).

  1. Stay in the SOHO area where the shows are held. Not just that but we found that a ton of places we wanted to eat, shop, and see were located in this area. We stayed in Times Square because we got a good deal on a hotel but all the traveling time in between did not make it worth it.
  2. CHECK THE WEATHER! I mean sure, ya, this is obvious. We knew it was going to be cold but we were not aware that it was going to full on crazy day-after-tomorrow blizzard while we were there. I packed jackets, scarfs, gloves etc. but shoes.. ya my cute sock boots were not made for 5 inches of snow. Basically just be prepared is all I am saying.
  3. Write down every place you want to see and eat at while you are there and map it out. We actually did this and it worked out pretty well for the most part. The night before we would semi plan out our day and what area we would be in and see what our top places to eat at were. We ended up actually eating at most, if not all on our list. 
  4. Pack in between show clothes. I honestly wish I packed more jeans, tees, and comfy booties and jackets. Its not all about the fancy dancy outfits 24/7. 
  5. Shit happens — weather happens, people re-schedule, subways close, your favorite restaurant just so happens to not be open that specific day — New York esp. during fashion week definitely tests your patience and ability to just go with flowww.
  6. Stay inspired — fashion week shouldn’t be a stressful time! It should be all about connecting with people, getting dope content, getting inspired from others and inspiring others yourself!

If you are going to fashion week or have any questions about absolutely anything please email me! It makes me so happy hearing from you guys and love nothing more than giving advice and answering your questions even if they seem silly! 

To conclude, New York, you are ridiculously fabulous (how one of our Aussie uber friends described it lol) & I will see you again very soon.


(( Video below! Still trying to figure out the whole vlogging thing so be nice! I have a lot of rad trips coming up and plan on documenting all of them. ))

Light – San Holo


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