A Mini Review: 2 Products To False Looking Lashes


So once upon a time I discovered this mascara by Benefit called 'They're Real'. We were in in a long term committed relationship. He treated me amazing, I never went a day without him, and basically I thought he was the bees knees. The only negative about our relationship was that he was just a tad bit expensive ($23) a tube. EEEEEEK! So I … [Read more...]

DIY ‘Frank’ Coffee Scrub


Apparently this is the week of DIYs in my household and I'm not even mad about it. I am all about the 'saving money on random things that I can just make myself' kinda life. #sorrynotsorry So. lately this body scrub called 'Frank' has been blowing up my insta feed by various beauty gurus I follow. I was instantly intrigued so I looked up the … [Read more...]



So every month I am going to put up a 'monthly favorites' post just showing you guys basically the products/random-ass-stuff that I have been loving throughout the month (<-- pretty self-explanatory)! Side note: Where the H-E-double-hocky-sticks did this year go! I know they say that time starts to go super fast as you get older but holy … [Read more...]

How To: Distressed Jeggings

distressed jeggings

Guys. So. I get bored fast. Like really fast. ESPECIALLY when it comes to clothes. It is a problem and I am really trying to work on it. SO I was going through my closet the other day and I came across these black Express jeggings that I haven't worn in a coons age . They still looked decent (just a little faded) and I wasn't ready to end our … [Read more...]



So this is going to be the shortest 'SUNSPIRATION' post ever because this past week has been crazy hectic to say the least. BECAUSE all I have been doing is packing, moving, packing moving, packing. Which means...... Home décor posts! I never thought I would be the one to be sooo into decorating until recently. I remember being little and my … [Read more...]

My Magical Morning Concoction


Raise your hand in the aiyer if you love mornings!? (silence) Thats what I thought. It seriously takes me an extra half hour and four alarms just to get my ass out of bed. Like if there was a fire I would probably stay in bed for an extra couple mins just because that it how much I don't want to get up. (<---dramatic I know) So I came up … [Read more...]

Fall Lippies


Ahhhh Fall. I seriously love everything about Fall except two things- 1) Winter comes after Fall and 2) those shit-hole Pumpkin Spice lattes (rant about those at a later date). I feel like Fall is a perfect time of year where you can bring out your inner badass self by trying out new things that you maybe normally wouldn't.  I wasn't always … [Read more...]



Hi Guys! Just want to start off by saying thank you to everyone for all the sweet compliments about the blog! I appreciate each and every single one of them to the moon and back! MUAH! So I want to start a little series on here where every Sunday I write up a little post about my last week where I talk about what I am loving right now, what … [Read more...]