HOLY HANNAH MONTANA! LISTEN UP PEEPS! Legit just found the best style steal I have found in a long time. As I was making my way through TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago I spotted these cute little brown booties that were staring at me from the shelf. I knew right away that I had to have them  Until I looked at the price.....Ya, $250 bucks my … [Read more...]

Crave OR Save: Nude Palette Edition

nude palette

Cant Stop Wont Stop buying Nude, bronzy, brown shimmery eye shadows. AND when they come in palettes its like a win win. I bought the Naked 1 palette by Urban Decay LITERALLY the day it hit shelves. I was one of those psychos who had an email sent to them the day it came out because, well, I basically thought it was the next best thing since … [Read more...]

Outfit Deets: Varsity Jackets are F-ing Cute

Varsity Jackets pic

Lately I have swooning over the ever so popular Varsity Jackets-- they're literally everywhere and I am loving it. {Insert flashback to Greese, ahhhhh} Of course since I am the cheapo that I am I automatically looked online at Forever 21 ANNNND surprise surprise they had soo many adorbs options because, well, Forever 21 is the SH*T. I am … [Read more...]

Pore-Reducing Products That Will Rock Your World


Who hates pores! And if you say no that probably means you weren't blessed with oily skin like myself. So booo you then.  I finally have found some great products that actually work in eliminating those 'dark holes on our faces that when we look in a magnifying mirror scares the living bageezsus out of you' Unfortunately you cannot totally get … [Read more...]


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Hello! My name is Kate Sedlacek & I am 24 years old & currently living in SD. I am obsessed with all things makeup, hair, skincare, fashion, health & the occasional DIY. I love TRAVELING, exploring, and I am constantly trying new products and styles. This is a place where I will be sharing my beauty tips, tricks, products & random … [Read more...]