1. WHITE FUR PILLOW– Give me everything white, white, white, and WHITE! White is just so clean and classic no matter if its clothing, accessories OR home decor! You cannot go wrong! I found this pretty decent size white fluffy pillow at TJ Maxx the other day for only $16! I don’t know if I am crazy but I think that is such a freakin steal of a deal! I plopped ‘er right on my couch and she looks perfect right next to my black and white and colorful kilim pillows. I  linked similar pillows below!IMG_5844
  2. TEA LIGHT CANDLE HOLDERS– Tea light candles are such an easy way to spice up any space. These holders from Target were only a dollar a piece and I think they look amazing chillin’ on my tv stand. IMG_5831 IMG_5832
  3. QUAY VESPER SUNNIES– I have worn my Quay Ziggi Cat Eye sunnies literally non stop since I bought them so I finally decided it was time to purchase another pair. Quay sunnies are just so unique and cool- I am obsessed! These white ones pictured below Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars has been rocking lately and I can’t wait to wear the shit out of these ones too! Plus the white frames are mucho perfecto for summer! Yaaaaas.FullSizeRender-6
  4. KENNETH COLE BLACK WEDGES– Black heels are a tough one for me because just like dresses I am soooo picky and I don’t know why! I found these Kenneth Cole stapy wedges at TJ Maxx the other day and I love them! I plan on wearing these to all the weddings I am attending this summer (gotta make sure they are comfy enough to dance your ass off in! which they are!).IMG_8326
  5. ARM CANDY– I have always been an earrings and necklace kind of gal but have been wanting to step up my arm candy game lately. I think nothing looks better than a sexy gold pair of jewels on your wrist. I found the link bracelet at Francescas and the last two at Express (linked below) and have been wearing all three together like this. The earrings pictured below are also from Francescas. IMG_7365
  6. PHYSICIANS FORMULA NUDE WEAR TOUCH OF GLOW– I bought this concealer/brightener the other day because, well, it was gold and there was a bow on it! I mean c’mon Physicians Formula that was a smooth move you pulled there. BUT come to find out it is supposed to be a dupe for YSL Touche Éclat but I would kind of have to disagree! Sorry Physicians Formula but this is not very comparable to the YSL one. It is super light weight- almost to the point of being too watery and it kind of has a funky smell (cringe emoji face). I mean for the price it IS a good product but I honestly wouldn’t waste my money on it. IMG_8219

  7. PINEAPPLE UMBRELLA– C’mon who wouldn’t want a pineapple umbrella!? I found this at Forever 21 the other day and of course it had to come home with mama.IMG_8329
  8. MAC ‘IMPASSIONED’ & ‘VELVET TEDDY’ LIPSTICKS– I luhhhve myself some MAC lipsticks! They are such great quality and I always end up going back to them. They are kind of my ride or dies and the color selection is beyond gorgeous. I picked up ‘Impassioned’ the other day which is a bright fuchsia and ‘Velvet Teddy’ is that dark sexy nude that is my go to! High recommend both!IMG_8336



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