I think there is a fine line between looking too bronzy and/or too glowy when it comes to using certain beauty products.

Let me break it down for you.

If you look too bronzy you might be referred to as an umpa lumpa.

If you look to glowy you might be referred to as a grease monster.

Celebirty makeup artists do it best. Think Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Anistan, and J.Lo. They always have the before amount of bronze and glow to them they look like they were just dropped from the heavens. Here are my recommendations for perfect glowy/bronze summer skin!



1. JERGENS BB BODY CREAM– Before this lotion, I was constantly mixing different lotions together to make one that suited all of my needs- firming, smoothing, brightening, and hydrating. WELL some genius decided one day that hey maybe we should just make a lotion that literally gives people the benefits of all of those things! I have gone through so many tubes of this lotion esp. this summer since I have been showing a little more leg than usual. Major props to the person who invented this because I am obsessed!!

2. MISS SPA BRIGHTENING SHEET MASK– Before a big event or photoshoot I always try to prep my skin the best I can. I am loving this brightening sheet mask right now! There is just something about sheet masks that make you feel extra luxurious (but make you look extra creepy at the same time). & this one is super affordable!

3. LAURA MERCIER FOUNDATION PRIMER IN RADIANCE– In the summer time you can totally get away with a little extra dewiness which is why I sometimes will add a little liquid luminizer (say that three times fast) to my favorite foundation. BUT doing this can be tricky for people with already oily skin because it could take you from looking a little oily to holy shit did I just dump a pan of oil on my face. THAT is why I love this radiance foundation primer from Laura Mercier because it gives a radiant glow without making you look extra greasy!

4. NARS HIGHLIGHTER IN ‘ALBATROSS’– THE KEY to healthy/glowy/lit from within skin is a bomb ass highlight!!! This one from Nars is my holy grail highlight that I have been using for about a year now and I can’t live without it. Three things I would bring to a deserted island: Ryan, Panera Bread, and Albotross highlight from Nars. Like no joke. The golden undertone to it is especially perfect for summer.



5. NAPOLEON LOOSE EYE DUST IN ‘PINK CHAMPAGNE’– You can seriously never go wrong with a goldeny pink eye for summer or for anytime of the year that is. I think it just makes anyone and everyones eyes pop no matter the color. This color I used is unfortunately sold out (not known) but NYX LOOSE PEARL EYE SHADOW in ‘ORANGE PEARL’ is a very close dupe!


6. ESSIE NAIL POLISH IN ‘TOPLESS & BAREFOOT’– Now nail polish isn’t a beauty product that will make you look bronzy/glowy per say but I love the way a good nude/white polish can make your hands and nails look tanner and just healthier overall! 

7. BOBBI BROWN SHIMMER BRICK IN BRONZE– After I am all done getting ready the very last step that I do is a use a big fluffy brush and swirl it all around the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in ‘Bronze’ and I dust it all over my neck, the tops of my shoulders, my collar bone, and a little down by arms for that perfect golden summer skin glow! whew!


Now go be your bronze glowy badass selves!






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