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1. Elizabeth & James Rollerball & Nest Rollerball — favorite scents right now!

2. Eye drops — because nothing makes you look more tired than red eyes, girl.

3. Sugar Lip Treatment — for the lips.

4. Mario Badescu Spray — for in flight or after when your face is as dry as.. ya, I got nothin.

5. Hand Food — gotta keep your hands looking healthy.

6. Blotting Wipes — to refresh your face.



1. Headphones — to tune out crying babies on a plane.

2. Portable Charger  — comes in super handy.

3. Pens — these ones are so cute and on sale!

4. Advil — because ya never know

5. Kind Bar — airpot food is so shitty so always go for some kind of bar, fruit, etc. when they’re available!



1. Sunglasses — these are the sunnies Im bringing this weekend from Zero UV — Linked HERE & HERE.

2. Polaroid Camera — having polaroids from your trips are so so so fun! Im obsessed with mine.

3. Bride Tribe Flash Tattoo — how fun are these!?

4. Card holder — I hate carrying around wallets with pointless things in them so I stick to tiny cardholders with just the necessities.

5. Magazines

Hello my loves!

I am heading to Vegas this weekend for my sisters bachelorette party! I am so so so pumped for some sunshine and good times, and endless glasses of champagne lets be real (ok and tequila and maybe a Chippendales show lets get really real.)  I figured I’d let you see whats I am packing in my bag backpack that I bring on the plane. Ive traveled enough now where I kind of have it figured out whats very necessary and whats kinda like ‘oh, I’ll just throw this in here because there is room’. I love love love carrying a back pack on the plane instead of a huge ass purse because it just makes it easier around the airport just having something on your back. Add me on snap to follow us around Sin City @ thekatemaree & I’ll talk to yo soon!



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